Most people may not even have heard about fuel motorcycle


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Using this equipment can make motorcycle fuel tank Suppliers throw away complicated and easy on your way… The effect is predominant! But it is illegal to install like a street mouse.. Design, high temperature long-lasting, 360° free rotation, wide software range! you deserve to have!

Then the following recommendation of motorcycle accessories is also extremely practical, but the first the first is against the rules, be careful not to ever be stopped by the police arrest uncle..

This is different then the headlight LED lights already stated. This is a high order plus flash, which uses glass to make a lens.,Some styles switch for you to select! How to recommend it

It is recommended to use Rongji Eagle Claw street motorcycle phone holder.. All electrical appliances are started or off by themselves, reducing the electricity consumption of the car. It has a fantastic spotlight, a high brightness, a good range, a plated shell, some sort of smooth line, and a snap dragon radiator. The sex motorcycle license plate has eye-catching hues and sharp language.. The operating voltage of motorcycle twin-flash switches is only 12-24V.

Buy screws in addition to wrenches, and the stamping procedure is 1mm in thickness. Motorcycle personality license menu This is a commonplace, but most people still commit crimes. With this equipment, you use a smart watch, stereo, navigation gadget, mobile DVD, and environmental protection materials. Although no affect motorcycle driving, it is easy to install! But the road will need to have been caught.Most people may not even have heard about motorcycle dual-flash switches, and some of them are already using it

You should go for the Suzuki designated manual Barrow


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This engine is burning normally. Use a special onboard application spark plug bushing to tighten the spark plug towards the specified tightening torque. 6-0.

Before applying this spark plug wrench, carefully screw the spark plug in to the threaded part of the cylinder check out prevent damage. 9mm) QS150T (0. 7-0.Spark plugs are offering to reward of motorcycle engines.

If the plug rod will be too short, it will cause carbon deposition while manual Barrow in the threaded part of the plug hole and cause harm to the engine. First of all, the kind of spark plugs used in each engine takes a different approach, mainly due to differences inside calorific value, thread size, and so forth. Note: Determine the actual thread size and plug size.. Unscrew the spark plug to observe. 8mm), the carbon deposit within the spark plug will interfere by using good spark, and may lead to a broken fire; If it’s found that the spark put is easily wet or melts gray, the spark plug’s heat value won’t match,

You should go for the Suzuki designated repair shop to replace the suitable spark plug. The electrode should be ordinarily red, if it is ebony

That is, there is co2 deposition, indicating that the mixture is too concentrated as well as the combustion is not sufficient, and carbon deposition needs to be cleaned up.,so be sure to make use of the specified model of spark plugs. Use a pointed cone to clean the center electrode groove plus L pole carbon deposition; adjust the spark plug gap: GS125 (0. The normal combustion with the mixture is the key on the normal operation of the serps

Clean the air scooter based on the following steps


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If the filter aspect is too dirty, the China scooter Suppliers filtering effect of the oil is poor, the output in the oil is reduced, and the parts aren’t well lubricated.Mid-air filter is the motorcycle’s inhalation system. Otherwise, the engine or black smoke is going to be damaged. During the lubrication approach to the engine, the oil pump sucks the oil from the bottom tank, presses the acrylic filter first, and then the cleaned oil is transported to the cylinder head, crankshaft and transmission parts.

Most users know that oil really should be replaced on time, but one principle must be mastered: It is not possible to replace the newest engine oil without replacing the particular filter element. When installing the sieve element, pay attention to the installation direction as well as air intake direction;

In dusty plus dirty environments, the frequency of cleaning really should be increased. The serious problem is which the dust will enter the cylinder all of which will aggravate the wear of engine components.. If the air filter is blocked by dust, mid-air intake resistance will increase, your engine output power will decrease, the fuel consumption will enhance, and the engine will are more difficult to start and easy to go out. It should be noted that if the sponge is broken or the paper filter element is drenched, it must be immediately succeeded with new ones.Clean the air filter based on the following steps:Remove mid-air filter element from the automobile;

If the filter element is really a sponge foam, it can be carefully cleaned having a neutral detergent.. Do not work with force. After cleaning, dry the lake, drip 2-3 drops of petrol (in order to absorb the fine dust inside the air), hold it evenly, and put it instruction online the original shape; if it is a paper filter, cut it right out the liquid, and beat the interior Dust, conditional use of compressed gas blowing inside the opposite direction of the inlet (do possibly not reverse it, otherwise blowing dust into this core of the paper will be more severe blocking); Example: QS150T main from

Blowing inside out, Prince Edward stormed with the outer ring toward the middle hole

Today we share the corrosion protection technique of motorcycle fuel


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These are basically for the species of small jewelry B, and often will make a car look like a new cottage accessories, usually on that cottage WISP pedal, but also such as, there are some shining shatter-resistant smashing, are Some flashy, not beat up small pieces. Not to be corroded.

Iron aquarium anti-corrosion method: The iron-made motorcycle oil container is exposed to gasoline for quite a while.

Many motorbike accessories, such as a small wheel to somewhat of a screw accessory, are part in the motorcycle, so we have a good deal of knowledge to be proficient with motorcycles. It’s actually not worth spending money to acquire.. Today we share the corrosion protection technique of motorcycle fuel tanks, Electroplating areas rust removal and clever treatment of old decals, repair regarding plastic threaded holes, oil drum seal method and non-metallic aspects of the cleaning method. Remember to remember.By far the most “appearance installed” motorcycle accessories: class valve hot wheels, tire guns, a variety of colorful peel off stickers, LED lights, etc.

Tire put in writing, the description of the wheel brand and model, after some time have fallen off, the valve hot wheels basically can not spend a few days is also easy to awful, can It’s only 13 days to install a few days, other fluorescent stickers, bodylights and so on are all things that make the automobile look out of grade. If you ever place a zinc skin inside oil tank (the casing of your normal dry battery), because the chemical properties of zinc tend to be more active, the electrochemical reaction plenty of corrosion will no longer occur with iron and yes it will happen with zinc. As time continues on, the fuel tank will always be slowly corroded and perforated. This will likely effectively protect the fuel container. Because gasoline contains a specific amount of trace moisture and many corrosive substances, it can respond electrochemically with iron