You should go for the Suzuki designated manual Barrow


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This engine is burning normally. Use a special onboard application spark plug bushing to tighten the spark plug towards the specified tightening torque. 6-0.

Before applying this spark plug wrench, carefully screw the spark plug in to the threaded part of the cylinder check out prevent damage. 9mm) QS150T (0. 7-0.Spark plugs are offering to reward of motorcycle engines.

If the plug rod will be too short, it will cause carbon deposition while manual Barrow in the threaded part of the plug hole and cause harm to the engine. First of all, the kind of spark plugs used in each engine takes a different approach, mainly due to differences inside calorific value, thread size, and so forth. Note: Determine the actual thread size and plug size.. Unscrew the spark plug to observe. 8mm), the carbon deposit within the spark plug will interfere by using good spark, and may lead to a broken fire; If it’s found that the spark put is easily wet or melts gray, the spark plug’s heat value won’t match,

You should go for the Suzuki designated repair shop to replace the suitable spark plug. The electrode should be ordinarily red, if it is ebony

That is, there is co2 deposition, indicating that the mixture is too concentrated as well as the combustion is not sufficient, and carbon deposition needs to be cleaned up.,so be sure to make use of the specified model of spark plugs. Use a pointed cone to clean the center electrode groove plus L pole carbon deposition; adjust the spark plug gap: GS125 (0. The normal combustion with the mixture is the key on the normal operation of the serps

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