Each battery manufacturer’s three bags of provisions


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Charging: Don’t charge for a while during normal charging, control inside of 10 hours in winter, along with control the temperature in 6-8 time in summer.,can prevent the battery from losing electricity for a long period and cause irreversible sulphation as well as “killed”. For example, if the electric car is not used for just two months, it should be supplemented after every two months.

This requires professional electric vehicle after-sales or repair center operations, do not arbitrarily operate. Cycling: Normally, you can cruise properly, especially when you are to the uphill, it is best to help you the electric power afterwards in order to avoid the large current and push the battery!. mini jeep The best battery and supplement are widely-used when it takes one plus a half to two years. The three-charter period belonging to the battery replacement policy:

Each battery manufacturer’s three bags of provisions are different, the battery shell cracking, loss, capacity less than 60% may be replaced within a certain time frame, but if you use various other chargers, etc. Human factors that cause battery damage are certainly not within the scope of substitute. The controller includes small originals.

As well, check if the brake power is off to ensure the controller runs normally.Keep dry to stop water ingress. If the drinking water is short-circuited, it will burn off out! Also check that the connectors come in contact with them so as not to cause a danger of fire and fire! (The motor power line is installed if your controller is installed, and the key power line is preferably soldered). Liquid to increase its life

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