Clean the air scooter based on the following steps


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If the filter aspect is too dirty, the China scooter Suppliers filtering effect of the oil is poor, the output in the oil is reduced, and the parts aren’t well lubricated.Mid-air filter is the motorcycle’s inhalation system. Otherwise, the engine or black smoke is going to be damaged. During the lubrication approach to the engine, the oil pump sucks the oil from the bottom tank, presses the acrylic filter first, and then the cleaned oil is transported to the cylinder head, crankshaft and transmission parts.

Most users know that oil really should be replaced on time, but one principle must be mastered: It is not possible to replace the newest engine oil without replacing the particular filter element. When installing the sieve element, pay attention to the installation direction as well as air intake direction;

In dusty plus dirty environments, the frequency of cleaning really should be increased. The serious problem is which the dust will enter the cylinder all of which will aggravate the wear of engine components.. If the air filter is blocked by dust, mid-air intake resistance will increase, your engine output power will decrease, the fuel consumption will enhance, and the engine will are more difficult to start and easy to go out. It should be noted that if the sponge is broken or the paper filter element is drenched, it must be immediately succeeded with new ones.Clean the air filter based on the following steps:Remove mid-air filter element from the automobile;

If the filter element is really a sponge foam, it can be carefully cleaned having a neutral detergent.. Do not work with force. After cleaning, dry the lake, drip 2-3 drops of petrol (in order to absorb the fine dust inside the air), hold it evenly, and put it instruction online the original shape; if it is a paper filter, cut it right out the liquid, and beat the interior Dust, conditional use of compressed gas blowing inside the opposite direction of the inlet (do possibly not reverse it, otherwise blowing dust into this core of the paper will be more severe blocking); Example: QS150T main from

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